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OOF! COFFEE Sustainability Efforts

We understand the hustle and bustle of the world we live in as it is. However, if one doesn't stop to enjoy the little things in life, we ought to ask ourselves what fulfilment are we truly seeking?

Lady planting new mangrove seedlings

Apart from creating the perfect coffee gifting and unboxing experience for you, we would like to take it a step further and make things even more meaningful, for you and the environment. 

Did you know that you've already contributed to sustainable efforts just by getting a box of OOF! COFFEE?

Aside from planting a tree 🌲 as an Ecologi partner, for every purchase you make, we've also made it a point to be a part of the noissue Eco-packaging Alliance. 

What this means is that most of our packaging, apart from your coffee pouches which needs to retain structural integrity for your coffee beans shelf-life, can be recycled or are made from recycled materials. From the tissue wrap to the packaging tape, they are FSC certified and printed with soy-based ink.

Now isn't that neat!

A gift to unbox and put a smile on your face, a cup of coffee a day to fuel your mind, and a tree grown to calm your soul. Change starts with YOU, and that change is here, one sip at a time. 

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

— Warren E. Buffett

Mangrove Tree Planting Eden Projects

Mangrove Planting Photography by the Eden Reforestation Projects


Read here for more on why planting trees goes a long way and why we love it, and here for more on off-setting carbon and the environmentally positive impact it plays.

^Above links direct you to our partner page, at Ecologi. 

OOF! COFFEE Partnerships

The climate positive projects supported are certified by Gold Standard, a non-profit organisation founded by WWF in 2003. Our customers can be assured as well that these projects are qualified and only funded if they operate on the highest level.

External field audits (SGS audit body) are also carried out to ensure the audited number of living trees meet or exceeds the expected number that the project partner sets out to plant.

OOF! COFFEE Pledges Icons

We truly believe this partnership will stand the test of time, will age really well, and that the cause would bring about a level of certainty, in a future that is filled with uncertainty. 

OOF! COFFEE Thanks YOU for Your Contributions

OOF! Coffee plant trees with Ecologi


 Have a peace of mind knowing that together,


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