About Us

by The OOF! Company Limited.

Hello there! 

In this modern day and age, the hustle is a deal and the grind is real. We wake up each day to face our battles, in our own ways, and we make the choices and decisions that will shape our future and destiny. (wow deep)

Coffee Art


We at OOF! COFFEE made a decision as well. We decided to enable our people (like you), by equipping them with what they need to fight their battles and that is nothing but the best quality coffee.

We believe a good start of day begins with QUALITY COFFEE, produces QUALITY WORK, and after a productive day, a well deserved QUALITY REST.


It's actually just the beginning.

We believe that the whole coffee experience shouldn't only start when the brew begins, but at the box.

Huh, What does that even mean?

We're all familiar with the offline specialty-coffee experience that begins the moment you walk to the door at the local cafe.

Now imagine if you can have that same home coffee brewing experience that beings the moment you walk to YOUR door.

We exist simply to create you that meaningful specialty-coffee experience, from the moment you walk to your door, excited (or surprised) to receive your parcel, through to the unboxing and personalised fun stuff that puts a smile on your face, and to brewing your coffee, freshly roasted just for YOU.

Cheers to Coffee!

As a small local business, we are able to control the quality and personalisation each coffee gift box brings for you and your loved ones. We're excited to share this and would love to be a part of your life-long coffee journey to bring even more happiness into your life.

For coffee knows no boundaries, and no limitations.

Make your decision, get or give the gift of coffee today!


See you on the other side & with love,

The Oof! Company Handwritten

Dear Valued Customer:

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