OOF! COFFEE Spotlight: Sidama Ethiopia

OOF! COFFEE Spotlight: Sidama Ethiopia

Sidama Ethiopia

        Here at OOF! COFFEE we deliver modern coffee with a kick. But with this bean we go a bit more old school by offering to you a delectable and one of a kind bean from the birthplace of coffee in all its caffeinated glory; Ethiopia. 

s Sidama Ethiopia is a bean with a long history and an even longer list of amazing traits and characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at this fabulous natural processed bean.


Origins, Backstory, Flavor, and other Awesome stuff

         It is said coffee began hundreds of years ago in Ethiopia, with the first coffee cherries coming from wild coffee trees. According to legend it was a curious goatherd and his perky flock of goats who first discovered coffee. It is said that the goatherd, named Kaldi, noticed his flock of goats prancing, cavorting, and jumping around with an ecstatic vigor and intensity that he had never seen before.

On closer inspection, he noticed they were dancing around a peculiar tree. A peculiar tree with some peculiar red fruit. He decided to grab a few of these strange red fruits and brought them to the local monastery. There the abbot decided to brew up an elixir with the strange fruit from the strange tree.

The result was a hot beverage that allowed the monks to wake up early, stay up late, and feel a sense of energy as they took part in the early morning and late-night prayers and daily tasks and chores. From Ethiopia, coffee would travel to the Maghreb and North Africa where the drink attained astronomic heights in the Islamic world before being gifted to Europe by the Ottoman Empire. The rest is, as they say, history. But history doesn't have to be dry and boring, quite the contrary, especially with OOF! COFFEE's Sidama Ethiopia beans.

Perhaps the ancestor of OOF! COFFEE’s Sidama Ethiopian beans was the same tree that Kaldi's goats were partying around? They just so happen to be grown and harvested in Ethiopia perhaps in the same area where Kaldi had once stood in astonishment at his crazy goats!

But to describe the modern landscape in a bit more picturesque detail, these beans are cultivated at altitudes between 1700 to 1900 meters, or 5-6000 feet in the highlands.

In addition to great altitudes, the soil type is nitisol, a reddish claylike soil that offers the coffee plants ample drainage and tons of nutrients. Coffee plants love some nice drainable soil!

As for the plants themselves, they are a delicious and irresistible indigenous Heirloom cultivar. For those wondering what “heirloom” refers to with Ethiopian beans, it means the beans come from wild and luxuriant coffee plants that are so unique and multivarious scientists have not fully classified them all yet. It’s ultimately an umbrella term and one that can convey mystery and wonderful surprises. These beans are no exception.

The region our beans hail from is the famous Sidama region of Ethiopia. Here they are grown and processed on small farms in the region. 


       An extraordinary natural and wild bean deserves to display its amazing qualities as-is and so these beans are naturally processed by being hand-sorted and dried on raised beds. This imbues each and every bean with the flavors of the coffee cherries as they are naturally dry and fall off from the remaining beans. And the fruity legacy of the cherries is not muted in these beans, either.

The flavor profile just so happens to let the coffee cherries shine. With milk chocolate, caramel, and fruity flavors that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with these ancient and sacred beans.

OOF! COFFEE Roasting Coffee Whole Beans

As for the roasting type, a medium-light roast keeps the natural flavors and aromas as much as possible with these exquisite beans. It'd be a crime to mute any of the natural flavors, and so our roasting type allows enough of the inherent greatness of these beans to truly shine. The medium-light roast is amazing as an aromatic and enticing pour-over, or as a rich, silky, and nuanced cold brew or Dutch Brew. But feel free to give these beans a brewing with your preferred method of preparation and let the beans work their magic on your tastebuds!


        When you purchase a bag of these amazing beans, part of the proceeds from your purchase go to our partners at Ecologi where they help to plant a tree. So you can save the earth and enjoy our amazing Ethiopian Natural beans all at the same time! Enticing, no?

Kalita Wave Pour Over Coffee 

Nurture Nature with our Single-Origin, Sidama Ethiopia!


           OOF! COFFEE is committed to modern coffee that's delivered with a kick, so why not kick it a bit more traditional with our incredible Ethiopian specialty-coffee. You can save the earth and taste great coffee all at once. Come brew up a cup today!